Discover 5 key reasons why you now need to treat your workers like consumers

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Stop treating workers as cogs
What does ‘treat them like consumers’ mean?

If you take notice of just one piece of wisdom this year regarding your workers, make it this one:

“If businesses are going to stand out in an increasingly crowded landscape, they need to stop treating employees like a ‘cog in the wheel’ and more like long-standing customers.”

That’s good advice from HR News, and reveals two things:

1st: it puts the seal on the idea that the workplace and the people who use it are never going to be the same again.

2nd: the source of the info – a major publication for HR professionals – reveals a shift in who’s running our offices. Today, HR and IT experts both have a place at the board table as management continues its holistic evolution.

But what exactly does “treating your employees like long-standing customers” mean?

Our latest NFS white paper explains in full – and provides tips and a cheat sheet for engaged workplace leaders:

The white paper reveals the following crucial information:

Workers are now fully aware of their value to an organization. If working conditions are adverse, they are far more willing than previously to move to new jobs.

It’s a lot like what happens with restaurant guests. If consumers don’t like what’s on the menu, they go elsewhere.

Restaurants have developed a sophisticated range of digital tools and data analysis methods to understand their customers better and create a personalized experience that wins their loyalty.

And now savvy workplace leaders – recognizing consumer behaviour among their employees – are borrowing hospitality techniques to attract and retain talented employees.

7 powerful consumer techniques you can use to engage your workers

  • Data capture and analysis
  • Creating a welcoming environment
  • Catering for the individual human
  • Building brand loyalty and ambassadors with communication
  • Building a community through shared values
  • Reward and recognition

In the workplace, the secret of success with all these techniques lies in supporting them with good hybrid workplace solutions. For example, hot desk management software (where people can book workspace using a mobile app) helps to create a seamless experience when they visit the office.

A meeting room management system ensures collaboration and communication are easy to organize. Captured data enables managers to configure space to meet the individual needs of those who work there; happy workers are loyal workers.

Personalized pays off

As industry influencer Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology says, the personalized approach pays off.

“We’re on the threshold of an exciting new era of engaged working, where employees are no longer squeezed into boxes but instead valued for their individual skills, talents and characteristics,” he says.

“As hospitality and retail have already found, treating every consumer as an individual is not only possible, but also hugely beneficial to the business and to the person.

“We can do this in workplace now. And with the right leadership styles, strategies and technologies, the future is extraordinary.”

Want to discover more? In our NFS new guide, you’ll find out:

  • The ROI of being people-centric
  • How to craft a consumer-based hybrid working strategy
  • Which technology creates your desired outcomes
  • Further resources for workplace leaders.

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