How Does Data Help Facilities Managers?

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How Does Data Help Facilities Managers?

Facilities management involves the complete administration of office buildings and real estate, and is an essential component of an enterprise. As a result, facility management experts play a critical role in developing and implementing technology-enabled workplace management solutions. Many companies are also in charge of managing their property portfolio to maximize space usage.

What is Facilities Management?

Facility management is a multidisciplinary profession encompassing people, spaces, methods, and technologies to assure the physical environment’s operation, convenience, safety, and productivity.

Facilities management entails the following:

  • Lease administration
  • Planning and management of capital projects
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Management of energy
  • Occupancy and space management
  • Employee and occupant satisfaction
  • Business continuity and emergency management
  • Management of real estate

Why is Maintaining Facilities Essential for a Good Workplace Experience?

For companies trying to recruit and retain top talent, the appearance and aesthetics of the workplace play a crucial part in employee satisfaction and establishing good team member experiences. A superior facilities management system will ensure that your employees are comfortable and productive. Experts usually use multiple tools such as sensors, AI, and meeting room booking software to enhance the workplace experience.

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How Does Data Help with Predictive and Preventive Management?

Predictive management is a critical facility management service that employs technology to detect concerns before they become problems. At its core, it’s about being proactive rather than reactive regarding data.

Preventive management is fed by predictive management. Minor faults in a structure are prevented from becoming large ones by implementing this practice.

How Can Data Be Used to Give an Edge?

You need readable, understandable data to implement predictive management in your daily operations. Facility managers (FMs) should use AI data to focus their preventative efforts better.

  • FMs must create a checklist of whether this data is available. All scheduled preventive management should be included.
  • They must communicate with the maintenance staff. Keeping track of work orders ensures everything is done on time.
  • FMs must be able to assess and monitor the life cycle of all building systems for long-term sustainability.
  • IoT sensors can be used to monitor how building occupants use their space. FMs can see how much property is being used. Hybrid or free-address workplaces benefit from these sensors because occupancy rates may vary significantly from day to day.


How Do Workplace and Meeting Room Booking Software Help?

Booking meeting rooms at an office or shared workspace has become more accessible with the help of meeting room booking software. Room availability, current status (free or occupied), and available slots for future reservations are all stored in a centralized database maintained by the institution. Regarding the scheduling of meetings, software helps keep things on track in the office.

Keep track of room availability in real-time, and help avoid problems such as overbooking and lack of available rooms. In addition to the meeting room booking software, additional hardware, such as display panels positioned in front of the rooms, can represent current and prospective room utilization. Having such features in office facilities improves facilities management. Additionally, the software provides insightful data reports for predictive and preventive maintenance.

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  2. It automatically notifies everyone whenever meeting details change.
  3. It also automates the release of unused meeting rooms to improve workplace usage.
  4. Rendezvous’ API-first approach allows it to interface with other workplace technology. It interacts with Outlook and Office 365, so meetings get into your calendar immediately.
  5. Visitors and employees receive QR codes from the meeting room software to check-in and depart contactless.

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