How To Plan Meetings in Hybrid Workspaces

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With the advent of hybrid working models, the need for high-cost and fixed office setups is reduced. While companies are saving on real estate and maintenance costs, this does not absolve the company from providing employees with the necessary working facilities. During the pandemic, various companies provided work-from-home allowances, home-friendly office fixtures and equipment, and tools to facilitate collaboration.

With the lifting of lockdown restrictions and the world trying to achieve normalcy, hybrid workplaces are the “new normal” in the corporate world. Either physically or virtually, companies are striving to provide flexible, secure, adaptable and intelligent workstations for their employees.

That being said, the hybrid work model may look different in each organization. It combines the benefits of live and virtual interactions of participants, both presenters and attendees. Hence, despite what a hybrid model means to each organization, meetings would be attended both onsite and offsite depending on its work and culture.

As per the Accelerating Digital Agility Report (dated March 2021), 98% of respondents feel meetings hereafter will have participants joining in remotely. This has kindled the need for companies to implement some of the best meeting room booking software to ensure employee engagement. This has also led to companies heavily investing in their IT infrastructure to ensure efficient communication and collaboration in a distributed network.

Further, meetings in a post-pandemic would have different infrastructural needs. For reasons such as security or language barriers, some meetings may still require a physical presence in a room. Whereas instances such as creative brainstorming, quick-catch-up meetings or training sessions may choose the hybrid model.

While choosing amongst the best meeting room booking software, one needs to understand the benefits that the hybrid model provides:

  • Multiple meeting types allows for better planning based on your needs
  • Allows participants to be part of the meeting despite not attending in person
  • Breaks the shackles of the traditional work environment and allows for synergistic interactions
  • Reduces the reliance on large scale offices resulting in an economical workplace
  • Helps provide an optimal work-life balance by allowing employees to structure work around life rather than the other way around

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Things to Keep in Mind when Planning Meetings

While you are scouting for the best meeting room booking software, what are the points to consider while planning a meeting?

Prevention of Booking Mismanagement

If not managed appropriately, bookings can go awfully wrong. How often have you made a booking for a meeting room, only to find someone else already occupying it during your scheduled time? Or have you just found out that a meeting room you wanted but was booked ended up having a no-show? Hence, one must follow certain best practices such as routing the booking through a single coordinator, create a notification for conflicting bookings, etc. Some of the best meeting room booking software’s have these features.

Facilitating Visitor Management

Due to the embedded technology, there is complete visibility of the bookings. One has access to information such as details of the awaited guests, tentative timing of arrival, meeting room number, etc. Furthermore, it provides the visitor with a QR code that provides secure and contactless access to the meeting room. These options and more help you provide a better visitor experience.

Recurring Meetings

Sometimes, recurring meetings such as monthly reviews or quarterly board meetings need to be set up. Since the number of attendees and overall meeting requirements would remain the same, having the same meeting room booked on a recurring basis would make things very convenient. It also significantly reduces the chances of not finding a suitable space, double booking, or no-shows.

Video Conferences

Not all meetings and conferences may require a video facility. However, this needs to be made clear at the start of the meeting. Setting the expectations before the meeting can help participants make necessary arrangements like equipment, positioning, approvals, etc. Further, virtual training and client meetings may also require a recording facility that must be ensured prior to the meeting.

Why Choose Rendezvous

The world today is moving towards a more flexible business ecosystem. Globalization not only refers to companies extending their reach and presence to as many locations as possible. In fact, it is all about bringing the world closer through agile processes and advanced technologies.

Rendezvous is one of the best meeting room booking software that helps bring all your employees across geographies and time zones to one meeting point. Its advanced digital platform provides quick registration, seamless management and additional features such as traceability, data processing, etc. Book a consultation today to experience the magic of bringing people together.