DC Elevates Collaboration with Rendezvous: Optimal Space Utilization Unleashed

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Agile working is the new normal – at home, flexible desking or using collaboration tools.

But doing it well requires a new approach when it comes to staff engagement and technology support in key areas including mobile, sensors and digital signage.

International research firm IDC, based in Bangalore, India, chose Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software from NFS to support its agile working transformation. Better space utilisation and improved staff collaboration were their two key priorities.

In our latest video, IDC’s General Manager Venu Reddy explains why his company chose the Rendezvous solution.

“Because of the way IDC works, and the kind of analysts we have, we need to collaborate – and we need to work with different people and different requirements on different days, which means that you need flexibility,” he says.

“In addition, there’s the reality of real estate space getting more expensive so you want the utilisation to go up.”

These requirements meant IDC needed a partner they could work with, who would understand their needs and provide a flexible solution that could evolve with their needs.

In the new video, NFS’ Major Accounts Manager Shyam Bhardwaj explains how agile working constantly alters an organisation’s behaviour, creating new collaboration opportunities and ways of using space.

The 3 most important elements of delivering a successful agile working transformation are:

* Partnership with the technology provider – agile working is a continuing journey!

* A mobile ready platform – staff view availability and book on the move via an app

* Flexibility to respond to changes in the agile working experience– staff, integrations, and booking rules.

Shyam and representatives from IDC explain in the video how IDC are now using Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software to transform their daily business.

The key to success, says Shyam, is listening to what the customer requires and being transparent about what can be delivered.

“Being honest with the customer and being able to deliver what we promise is the benefit for our customer,” he says.

Explore the IDC journey, with best practice ideas and practical insights into Rendezvous meeting room scheduling software. It’s invaluable to designing your agile workplace journey.