Improving Employee Experience as they Return to the Office

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Return to the office

The well-being of employees has never been more critical. Employee experience, of course, refers to their interpretation of their journey at work. It involves all aspects and touchpoints of their working life, and naturally, an organization needs a concrete plan to address it. Today, as we all grapple with the effects of the pandemic, organizations need to positively engage with their employees to help them adapt as they gradually return to the office.

Employee Experience in 2021

Engaging your staff is essential for developing a solid work culture, recruitment and retention, and enhancing the bottom line. The pandemic has uncovered gaps in employee experience strategies for many companies. Personnel across multiple industries have either worked from home, worked at the office, or done both during the Covid-19 crisis. Some have struggled to achieve work-life balance. On the other hand, many people have thrived as they have worked from home. The lack of lengthy commutes and a flexible working arrangement have proved to be really beneficial. Despite different reactions from employees, organizations need to ensure that they cater to everyone. A one-size-fits-all approach may not be the best solution here. As people return to the office, a multi-pronged employee experience strategy is the need of the hour.

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The Role of Technology in Employee Experience

The modern workplace has embraced flexible working. Most companies have shifted to a hybrid model of working. This shift has significantly impacted not just the physical workplace but also the technology associated with it. Technology has definitely affected the employee experience. Most people have had to quickly adapt to video conferencing and using new applications on their smartphones. As some employees return to the office and others continue to work remotely, there might be issues with space utilization, organizing meetings with remote and in-person attendees, and managing employees across different locations and time zones. Such issues can lower morale and negatively affect employee experience.

However, on the bright side, technology can also be used to enhance employee experience. It is part of almost every touchpoint in the workplace and can be utilized to boost morale and improve productivity. Software tools can organize the workforce, improve staff performance, encourage collaboration, and provide the best employee experience. Data insights from software are very valuable and can be used to create employee engagement strategies. Whether your employees return to the office or continue to work from home, you need to have a comprehensive workspace management plan, and this is best done by using workspace management software.

Invest in Technology to Organize your Return to the Office

No matter where your employees are located, provide them with a seamless working experience using technology. It is vital to ensure that their working environment is comfortable at home and at the office. Agile workspace software has a pivotal role in supporting employee’s return to the office. This role spans across multiple areas.

Offices need to plan for a working environment that allows for social distancing. Workspace management software allows companies to strategically organize the floorplan and ensure that safety standards are met. Effective space utilization is easily possible with agile software.

The Return to the office can result in more visitors, planning for multiple shifts, video conferencing across time zones, and more! Accommodating all of this while constantly updating employees can be challenging, especially when one also has to follow health and hygiene measures. A good workspace management software can help you do this easily and on mobile too! It can be integrated with Outlook to allow for seamless communication. Digital signage can guide employees and visitors alike. The mobile platform makes it easy to use for everyone.

Data insights from real-time reports can be used for organizing seating arrangements, meeting room management, desk booking management, and more. All of this significantly contributes to improving the employee experience. Automating manual tasks gives more time for organizations to invest in their employees’ well-being. This, in turn, leads to increased productivity and revenue!

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