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Desk Hoteling

Adaptability is the key to running a successful business, and this has never been truer than today. An adaptable workforce is vital to ensure that you keep up with the fast-changing world. More and more organizations are making the move to hybrid working.

Open and flexible seating plans allow for great collaboration between colleagues. Desk hoteling and hot desking are the two strategies to consider, and desk booking or desk hoteling software is being used by many. Let us delve deeper into what these flexible seating arrangements are all about.

What is Hot Desking?

In this type of flexible working strategy, desks are generally occupied on a first-come, first-serve basis. When employees arrive at work, they can choose from any desk based on the availability status. The desks are allocated only when needed by the employee.

Hot desking does not necessarily follow a particular system of allocation beyond checking for available desks. For example, a member of the marketing team might end up seated next to someone from finance on a particular day simply because that was the desk available to him.

This is great as it encourages less of a silo approach to working and can lead to an informal exchange of ideas.

Hot desking is ideal for organizations with a larger real estate footprint. For this type of organization sensor technology is appropriate. Staff do not need to book in advance, they simply view a digital signage screen which shows the available desks, choose a desk, walk up to the desk and they are checked in by the sensor. To check out – they simply leave. The sensors take care of eveything.

What is Desk Hoteling?

Desk hoteling is quite similar to hot desking in the sense that employees choose desks based on availability. However, in this case, the desk is reserved in advance. The reservation system is not unlike hotel reservations, hence the name desk hoteling. Software, of course, can be used to streamline the process.

Desk hoteling provides staff members with more control over their workspace even though there are no permanent desk assignments. The reservations can be made in collaboration with team members to ensure a productive working environment. Just as in the case of hot desking, organizations can set up rules for the different working areas.

Desk hoteling is greatly beneficial for organizations that want a more controlled workspace where the demand for desk space outstrips supply.

Hot Desking or Desk Hoteling?

The best workspace flexible arrangement for your office depends on your employee needs, of course. Many organizations opt for a combination of both. However, the best strategies are determined by insightful data. And this insightful data can be obtained from desk hoteling software.

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Hot Desking and Desk Hoteling Software

Desk management software can be of great use in creating workspace management strategies for your business. Let us look at some of its key features.

Easy booking and reservations: Regardless of the type of desk strategy you choose, desk assignment is critical to both. The software can help your employees see what desks are available from the convenience of their phone and choose accordingly.

Find a colleague: Staff members can use this to locate their colleagues and either meet with them or work next to them.

Desk panel hardware: The software also comes with hardware solutions that include sensors and panels. These can be used in two ways – either with QR codes or with an RFID messaging panel.

Insightful reports: The sensor technology used in the software helps generate real-time data. The reports from this data can be used to design an optimal office environment. The reporting dashboards are easy to use and understand.

Whether you choose hot desking, or desk hoteling software is essential to streamline and automate your operations. Rendezvous desk booking software can assist you with all this and more. Adapt to any workspace change with Rendezvous. Connect with us now!