Is your business ready for Human +? Discover 4 must-have benefits of room reservation software

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Tech giant Accenture says workplaces across the world need to get ready for Human +. That’s your employees – but with their skillsets boosted by technology.

The company’s recent research also showed that 71% of executives believe their workers are more mature than their organization when it comes to having a digital mindset.

So are your workers just waiting for your business to catch up so they can do their jobs better?

When employees become Human +

Accenture warns that businesses will need to learn to support new ways of working to get the most from the world of Human + employees.

If your company already utilizes technology – room reservation software, for instance – you’ll know the increased productivity and worker wellbeing it creates.

It’s a great idea to provide a working environment where collaboration thrives. For your business, it becomes a powerhouse for innovation, building team spirit and creating excellent employee engagement.

Room reservation software has been developed to respond to rapid changes in the way we work today. It provides the vital technological underpinnings that support a high-collaboration workplace.

4 must-have benefits of room reservation software for your business:

  1. Booking workspace: This software helps your remote employees find the right space to hold meetings every time they are in the office – whether it’s formal or informal space they need
  2. More efficient meetings: Room reservation software increases the efficiency of your meetings and video conferences
  3. Office layout: With more information at your fingertips, you can reconfigure office space to cater better for hot desking and informal meetings
  4. Futureproofing: Room reservation software integrates with occupancy sensors provide workspace utilisation data so your office can keep on evolving.

Booking workspace: For workers on the go, room reservation software is a useful way to ensure sure there’s a meeting room or desk waiting when they visit the office.

Using an app, they can describe their requirements, find the desk or room they want and book it with a click. Once at the office, they can get to work immediately, without any delay or frustrating search for space.

The system detects spaces that are reserved but unused because occupancy sensors identify if no-one turns up and the software automatically makes the space available again.

Enhanced meetings: Room reservation software works in several ways to drive up the efficiency of meetings for you and your colleagues.

You can book your meeting space – formal or informal – online without having to call anyone, and you can also add resources like video conference equipment, AV and catering in the same single transaction.

If your meeting is across multiple locations, the software (which integrates with Outlook) books appropriate space and even adjusts for time zones if necessary.

If the meeting needs to change, the system automatically notifies everyone involved. This dramatically reduces admin for the meeting organizer and keeps no-shows to a minimum.

Office layout: Modern workplaces have changed to include more informal meeting spaces, multi-purpose rooms and flexible desks recently, a trend that seems likely to continue.

Thanks to data reports gathered by their room reservation software, many businesses have reconfigured their existing workspace so it’s more suitable for the company’s requirements.

For some, it has even provided the opportunity to downsize floor area, contributing to cost savings.

Futureproofing: The way we work will certainly continue to change as ‘human +’ edges towards business as usual, and as technology takes us in directions we can only imagine at the moment.

For your workplace, the impact will be significant – your space will need to continue evolving to keep up.

To do that, you’ll need to make great decisions that are supported by real-time reports on space utilization, with your room reservation software providing a valuable end-to-end view.

But now matter how our working day changes, one thing is going to stay as true in the future as it is right now:

Creating an ideal perfect environment where your colleagues can engage strongly and enjoy work thoroughly will always be a recipe for business success. And that’s the same whatever your business does.

* Get a glimpse of Rendezvous room reservation software in action in our short video: