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Workplace trends are constantly changing and in the last 18 months, they have changed more than at any point in history. As the world slowly recovers from the pandemic’s effects, businesses need to cater to their employees’ evolving requirements.

With the rise of hybrid working, a new set of challenges have been created. With a potentially reduced real estate footprint space utilization has come to the fore.

Triangulating data from solutions such as meeting management software, workplace management solutions, and desk booking systems gives you data set that you will drive optimum space utilization.

Challenges in Workspace and Meeting Management

The new market reality has changed the way we work, and workers face many challenges. Nevertheless, meetings cannot be avoided, whether you are working from home or the office. One needs to manage them effectively and ensure that they are productive. Is your workspace ready to meet these challenges?

  • Uninterrupted Video and Audio Communication

The technology needs to facilitate real-time communication without any audio or video delays. Presentations have to be shared seamlessly. People need access to smart tools to share their data and work.

  • Employees and Visitors, Across Different Locations and Time Zones

People attending the meeting in person need to know where to go, and those attending the meeting virtually need to have easy access. It is not only employees who are part of the meetings but also clients, vendors such as caterers, and others. Any changes to the meeting arrangements need to be communicated to all parties on time.

  • Expensive Workspace

Real estate prices are rising. Workspace is costly. It needs to be tailored to improve office productivity while being cost-effective at the same time. Optimal space utilization is essential.

  • Safety and Welfare

The pandemic has affected our lives in so many different ways. While safety and welfare have always been important, they are significantly more important today. People need to feel secure and comfortable in their workspace. Their optimum well-being and mental health ensures a productive and creative work environment.

  • The Shift to Mobile First

Technology is increasingly shifting towards a mobile first approach. People like to work on the go, and mobile applications are prevalent in every industry. With such a major shift, meeting management also needs to be mobile-ready.

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Major Benefits of Meeting Management Software

It is imperative to choose a meeting management software that can help you address these challenges. Rendezvous meeting management software makes meetings perfect for your business. Let’s explore some of the major benefits of the solution:

  • Easy to Use

Rendezvous is intuitive for everyone to use. It promotes collaboration between employees, which increases productivity. Booking rooms for meetings can happen instantly. Video conferencing is easy to arrange across locations and time zones. The software takes into account your floor plan, inventory, available space, and equipment.

  • Integration

Integration with technology is crucial for your workspace. This meeting management software can be integrated with other workplace applications. It can also be integrated with Outlook to support and improve your communications. Meetings with external visitors can be easily managed, and any special requests like catering and video conferencing can be fulfilled easily.

  • Digital Signage

Excellent communication is key to a meeting’s success. Meeting room digital signage makes your meetings more effective. Rendezvous’ wayfinding capabilities help your visitors arrive at the correct place. Changes can be made without anyone having to leave the room . great if your meeting over runs.

  • Effective Space Utilization

Data can be used to estimate whether you are spending enough – or too much – on your workspace. You can get comprehensive reports with real-time data. These reports give you usage alerts, audit information, and more. With this information, you can give your employees the best and most cost-effective workspace.

  • Mobile-First Platform

You can manage your meetings on the go with the Rendezvous’ mobile app. It is convenient and is accessible anywhere! It is also integrated with Outlook to facilitate seamless communications across teams.

With meeting management software, you can not only save time and costs but also engage with your employees in a great way. With Rendezvous’ meeting management software, you can have the perfect meeting always! Click here to book a demo.