The Psychology of Booking and Running Meetings: What are the Secrets?

The Psychology of Booking and Running Meetings: What are the Secrets?

Natalie Appletonby on September 16, 2014

The Psychology of Booking and Running Meetings – How many are needed?

Are the business meetings you attend truly productive? If not, why not?

It’s undoubtedly true that, today, we organize and attend more meetings in a working day than ever before. But there are good meetings and bad meetings. The success or failure of any meeting is largely down to human behavior and how it impacts on the way a meeting is organized and run.

A successful meeting is not merely a success in itself, but equally in the way it is organized to impact most favourably on a company’s bottom line. A badly organized meeting can lower productivity. Do it right and improvements will be made to any organization. Much of it comes down to those behavior trends and their impact, what we might call the psychology of meetings.

It’s about understanding, first and foremost if a meeting is really necessary. Booking early, but not indiscriminately, helps to ensure the right room is used for every meeting, that small meetings don’t end up in big spaces, or that facilities such as AV, video conferencing and catering don’t go to waste. It’s about balancing the use of internal against external space, about making sure that facilities managers know when a meeting has been cancelled so that energy costs do not go to waste, and it’s about using the right technology to keep all this running smoothly.

To address these issues and more, NFS Technology Group has introduced a new series of three White Papers under the general heading of The Psychology of Booking and Running Meetings. Part 2, Behavior trends and their Impact is available now. Download it here.

Natalie Appleton

Natalie Appleton

Vice President

Natalie Appleton is Vice President, Americas and is a specialist in helping companies to efficiently manage their space and resources. With a background in providing consultancy and technology solutions to a wealth of major law firms and Fortune 500 companies she is uniquely placed to offer expert commentary on workspace issues and create best practices.

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