10 Essential Steps for a Successful Remote Working Journey with Workspace Management Software

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Workspace management software

With the growing trend of remote working, work has become an activity you do – instead of a place you go. If you are preparing to shift your workplace to a remote workers’ dream space, you need good workspace management software to sustain and manage operations.

So, what are the 10 steps you need to take?

  • 1. Consult first – Choose a technology partner who understands what you want to accomplish and manage.
  • 2. Demand integration – Look for an adaptable API that will integrate with other technologies.
  • 3. Seek flexibility – Your company needs are constantly changing, so you need a solution offering flexibility from design to operation.
  • 4. Select the proper model – Remote working is not one-size-fits-all. Decide if you need to use a trusted system of workspace management software where staff can choose their space, a managed version (desk inventory managed by a responsive booking system) or a mix of the two.
  • 5. Go mobile – Your employees need to access the workspace management software while they are on the go, through a simple-to-use app where they can select and book rooms or desks.
  • 6. Select resource agnostic technology – This offers an adaptable booking workflow as well as comprehensive booking guidelines and notification possibilities.
  • 7. Plus digital signage and wayfinding – Tools that integrate with your system to offer perfect meeting guest management, so you impress each time.
  • 8. Innovate with floorplan navigation – A graphical view so your employees can simply identify and book the space or desk they require.
  • 9. Include occupancy sensors – Combined with your workspace management software, these provide real-time data on how space is being used. You can then base space planning on comprehensive utilization reports.
  • 10. Guarantee engagement – Make sure you take your team on the journey with you by offering easy-to-use interfaces with minimum training necessary.

The outcome of using these 10 steps and selecting the right workspace management software? A modern, innovative workplace where remote employees have the technological support they need to find and book the space they need, while the facilities manager can be sure that every bit of valuable office space is being utilized.

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