Using Technology To Create A Secure Workplace Experience

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The Technology Toolkit
A Mobile First Approach
Self Service Model
Cloud Based Technology
Rapid Deployment

Technology leaders are under pressure to deliver secure, affordable and, increasingly, mobile-first solutions to navigate the world of hybrid working.

You need to deliver a rock-solid, fully integrated and all-encompassing solution but the path ahead my not be clear recognising the rapidly changing workplace.

Let’s explore how our technology gives your users the solutions they need – fast.

The Technology Toolkit

At NFS we have many years’ experience of deploying solutions for desk and room booking. More recently, we have been deploying solutions that address the hybrid working world and support our clients in making a transition to a new and more employee centric workplace. Based on many implementations done we now share your insights on how technology can be an important tool to deliver change.

Our recommended toolkit includes the following functionality and approach:

A Mobile First Approach

The NFS design philosophy is mobile-first. Users can easily locate colleagues, book desks, arrange meetings and organize catering/AV right from their mobile devices.

New features such as floorplan booking make the user experience even more intuitive. Finding and booking a desk can be accomplished in seconds.

Self Service Model

The NFS solution makes self-service the natural choice for staff.

Integration with Teams and Zoom start end points means that the complexity of organizing video conferences is eliminated. Users can also easily order catering and A/V – even from a mobile device.

Further integrations with digital signage platforms and sensors enable staff to book available rooms on the fly or to select and check into desks totally touch free.

Cloud Based Technology

At NFS we have partnered with Microsoft Azure to offer rock-solid reliability (over 99% uptime), security and ease of scalability.

For your user community, it means they can access the room and desk booking platform at any time and from anywhere – fundamental for flexible working.

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Rapid Deployment

With cloud-based deployment, the solution can be deployed rapidly. Mobile apps are readily and securely available from both the Google Play store and Apple App store so your staff can be up and running in minutes.

Of course, there is a human element to any software deployment. Our experience implementation team work to PRINCE 2 standards for project delivery. With over 20 years’ experience they have honed the process of delivering projects on time and within budget, taking client satisfaction to a new level.

It is an approach which is working. One of our clients had this to say on Gartner Peer Insights:

“The team that worked with us couldn’t have been more responsive, helpful and professional. The NFS app was launched in a very tight deadline we set and has been received very well within the firm, with virtually no issues or questions.”


In the wrong hands data is a valuable currency. Our Rendezvous platform is designed to be highly secure.

Features such as SAML2 and Active Directory integration with the Rendezvous platform enable you to remain fully in control. Any potential bad actors can be denied access in seconds.

We have many years’ of experience working with some of the world’s leading financial and legal firms, where security is understandably paramount. For those organizations we also offer the option of an on-premise solution.

We have achieved SOC 2 certification, so rest assured we are fully committed to supporting clients with the best practices in data security and privacy.


NFS applications can be easily integrated to build a connected workplace ecosystem. With our Restful API it is easy to connect key applications to the booking platform. Typical integrations include:

  • Digital signage
  • Desk Panels
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Video conferencing
  • Microsoft Outlook/Exchange
  • Access control

Check out this video to see how the connected workplace works in practice and how it drives collaboration.

In Summary

Rendezvous is a proven, secure and value for money platform which is ideal for today’s hybrid workplace. It has checked the boxes for many clients.

We recognize that the hybrid journey is evolving at pace and requires a consultative approach with all key stakeholders as well as an integration friendly platform. With our proven project management expertise, we deliver the right and secure solution on time, every time.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we could help you deploy a solution that will meet your specific needs and delight your stakeholders. Contact us today.