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How NFS Technology empowered the Money Advice Trust’s return to work

Money Advice Trust’s return to work

NFS Technology: Empowering the Money Advice Trust’s Return to Work

The Money Advice Trust are a leading charity helping people across the UK to tackle their debts and manage their money with confidence.

In 2021 a decision was taken to deploy the Rendezvous room and desk booking platform to support a plan for staff to be able to view space availability and book desks using a mobile app.

Richard Morgan, the project leader, commented, “We were delighted with the response of NFS, very engaging and always there to respond to our questions. They were also able to implement at pace and this helped with delivering for our team a booking system in record time. The Rendezvous solution proved easy to deploy and user acceptance was high from the outset, making this a successful IT project delivered in record time, smoothly and efficiently.”

The Rendezvous booking solution was implemented across two offices, London and Birmingham. A test group was set up to evaluate the NFS solution and this took a week. From that point on the implementation process commenced and the solution was up and running within 2 weeks, supported by the NFS projects and implementation team members, Jason and Mariya. The benefits were significant. Staff were able to see space availability and book space, a combination of desks, meeting rooms and collaboration spaces so a visit to the office was easy to plan, including arranging collaboration with colleagues. With high user acceptance of both the mobile app and QR based check in, it was also possible to see actual space utilization and be able to plan for any space repurposing as staff levels in the office have continued to increase progressively.

Steve Corkin, NFS Business Manager commented, “This is a great example of teamwork, a clear remit to fulfil and also a responsive user community willing to embrace technology tools, like mobile apps, to solve the real business challenges that many clients faced in 2021 when a return to the office was an important agenda item for workplace leaders. It was a pleasure to work with Richard and his team, their openness and positive engagement were a major factor in the success on this booking system project.”

Achieving early and wide adoption of new technology is key to driving workplace change and the NFS project with the Money Advice Trust is a great example of collaboration and partnership required to deliver successful technology projects.

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