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New Scheduling Software For Leading Egyptian Law Firm

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Leading Egyptian law firm Hafez Avocats Expand With Rendezvous Scheduling Software :

Leading Egyptian law firm Hafez Avocats handles more, larger, and higher-profile business disputes than any other firm in its region. Hafez is especially well placed to prosecute and defend all types of litigation employing 100 staff in its Cairo office and another five in Paris.

In order to manage its clients meetings Hafez has switched to Rendezvous Workspace room schedule software with desktop and mobile booking functionality.

Hafez’s change to the NFS room scheduling software was introduced in order to solve the issue of cost recovery and chargeback for meeting rooms and additional services, which the previous software could not handle.

The decision was also made to give staff better access to room availability and facilities such as catering and AV. By having accurate information about availability of rooms, they knew that staff could be more productive and improve their meeting plans. With the help of Rendezvous Workspace room schedule software, Hafez employees can now allocate client meetings and events more effectively than before.

“We wanted a browser-based application to centralize Cairo technology,” says Applications Support Specialist Motaz Hassan. “The deployment of Rendezvous Workspace room schedule software has made it possible to roll out IT across multiple sites.”

“By having the software deployed on iPads, we have quickly moved to a room-based booking module. Staff can book and check for available rooms now and in the future without having to go back and forth. Everything is accessible on the iPad, with a very simple user interface.”

“Rendezvous Workspace has provided us with a dynamic communication experience between service provider and meeting organizer.”

With service providers at Hafez now using iPads, those not at their desks can still access up-to-date meeting requests, including real-time, interactive functionality. In this way, status of deliveries and issues with service providers can be quickly sent to relevant people. With better communications, any problems – such as changes to meeting times – can be addressed immediately.

Hafez now has the ability to profile clients and control user access from anywhere with an Internet connection. Rendezvous Workspace room schedule software integrates seamlessly with Active Directory integration, meaning that the firm can also allow different user groups to be given different levels of access.

Software implementation dates for Hafez were planned many weeks ahead, it was decided to implement and train Rendezvous Workspace conference room software via video conference.

“It was a winning combination of video conferencing, flexible working, and real commitment from the two teams that made the implementation a resounding success,” says Luis Desouza, Managing Director of NFS.

“As a company we were able to respond flexibly to the integration of Rendezvous Workspace with other business applications, such as Accounting and Practice Management. As a result a solution has been created with great potential to make operations more efficient, ensure costs are correctly captured and charged, and ultimately deliver better customer service.”

“We look forward to extending our use of the room schedule software into more management functions, such as utilization reporting, and gaining a better understanding of profiling at all our facilities,” adds Hassan. “This will allow us to make more learned decisions when it comes to real estate and other resource requirements, such as AV.“