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NFS Success Story Series: How we help … AXA Investment Managers

As a leading light in the field of responsible asset management, AXA Investment Managers needed world-class room booking software to replace its legacy system – and after a robust selection process, decided on Rendezvous by NFS.

The UK-based company had some very specific requirements on its priority list, and the expert team of NFS Technology consultants worked closely with them to identify and satisfy each one.

For example, integration with their existing Evoko LISO panels was high on the AXA agenda. This was easily achieved with Rendezvous, which integrates effortlessly with all leading brands of hardware.


Access to comprehensive reporting was also key for the organization, which wanted to ensure that departments were full charged for the services supplied to them by the team.

Self-service was also key for the deployment, with users able to locate and book rooms themselves via a mobile or desktop app, and while this still to be fully deployed to the AXA Investment Managers user community, this is still planned for the future.

Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology, said: “This prestigious client now has the room booking system it needs for a great employee and client experience, and has ensured that recharging is accurate and timely.

“It all adds up to efficient and easy-to-use workplace management, essential to the operations of such a busy organisation providing important services to clients every day.”