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eDrive automotive leader chooses Rendezvous for global project


Executive Summary

The challenge
Rendezvous operational solutions
Rendezvous functionality
GKN Managing Director Michael Engelman says:
Future prospects
The challenge

GKN Automotive is a global leader in eDrive technologies, manufacturing driveline components, all-wheel drive systems and plug-in hybrid systems for the automotive industry.

The company employs around 27,500 people across 51 manufacturing facilities and six technology centres in 20 countries.

GKN was seeking a workspace management system that extended its support of a hybrid workforce, provided a secure data centre and business recovery abilities and ingrated strongly with Outlook 365 and Team.

After a rigorous selection procedure, the company selected Rendezvous workspace management technology by NFS as its preferred system.

Rendezvous operational solutions

As well as the requirements already stated, GKN was looking for:

  • Scalability
    • Extending bookable resources beyond desks to rooms, parking, cycle racks
    • Adoptable by other EU and non-EU operations held by GKN across the globe
  • GDPR certification 7
  • Data hosting within EU
  • IT security infrastructure
  • A simple yet well-formatted Service Level and Contractual Terms and Conditions
Rendezvous functionality

Stephen Corkin, Accounts and Partnership Development lead at NFS, said: “It was important for GKN to link the desk booking to a hybrid email environment as they were running dual systems at the time – both Exchange 2010 and Outlook 365.

“They also needed flexibility with respect to check-In features (QR code, touch capability, NFC or RFID integration), and required a single sign-on.”

GKN Managing Director Michael Engelman says:

The project was launched and sponsored by GKN’s managing director Michael Engelman, who said: “For us, the key selling item was the ability to start small and low cost, without having to buy the full monty at the start – but still having the ability to expand when demand comes up regarding size but also functionality.”

Steve thanked Michael, who launched and sponsored the project, for his help, and for his trust in the NFS teams.

“He was exceptionally open, friendly and liked our simple, easy-to-use UI,” he said.

Future prospects

Once the system has been embedded within the Lohmar operations, consideration is to be given for other regions and extending the bookable resource category from desks to meeting rooms, site parking and lockers.

Stephen said: “This has been a successful project, and we’d like to thank Michael and the GKN team for their engagement and co-operation.”

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