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Major Sports Management Company In A League Of Its Own With Rendezvous

Scheduling Software

Taking full advantage of everything its scheduling solution has to offer is the name of the game at one national sports management organization.

Rendezvous scheduling software, the flexible, scalable, web-based room and resource booking software from NFS is ensuring major league success at the national headquarters location and is also being rolled out for use at large, off-site events.

Efficient, Streamlined Management of Rooms and Resources

It all started when the sports management company’s sizeable headquarters building was being entirely renovated into a state-of-the-art facility. Executives knew they would have a wonderful new office and they wanted to be able to manage it much more efficiently than they had in the past. With so many new tools and resources at their disposal they had much more to manage, wanting to assure the optimal utilization of everything their new facilities provided.

With more than one thousand end users of the system, the new sports management offices are teeming with activity, all managed within Rendezvous Scheduling Software. Meeting requests, approval processes, judgment calls, and other scheduling-related workflow and activities are simplified and streamlined in Rendezvous scheduling software.

A Host of Features in One Solution

Automated notifications are sent to service group employees in departments such as AV and IT and the Service Tracker feature set allows employees to closely and accurately track deliveries and retrievals, with Rendezvous supporting real-time inventory management.

Abundant daily reports are generated for meeting coordinators, event planners, and scheduling supervisors. Management and utilization reports help upper management understand usage patterns, uncover trends (both good and bad), and arm them with the knowledge they need in order to make the best scheduling and facility decisions.

The fully outfitted sports management offices are bustling with the constant comings and goings of corporate managers, franchise owners, team managers, coaches, players, merchandize vendors, broadcast reps, and game officials, as well as all the hard-working employees.

Catering for All Meeting Types

Employee meetings may be quite simple, requiring only coffee and water for an hour-long staff meeting, or they may be much more elaborate, with quarterly and annual conferences including multiple catering deliveries, breakout rooms, AV equipment, furniture configurations, and other space and resource scheduling requirements.

Space and resource requirements for meetings and events involving the many types of external visitors can run the gamut as well, and by utilizing the Visitors Module in Rendezvous, information about external guests can be logged and easily communicated to the Security and Reception teams. This information allows them to know when a guest is due to arrive, who they are going to see, and where they need to go, making the check-in upon arrival simple and seamless.

Management reports can also be run to track any data that is being captured in relation to external guests and associated meetings and events.

Let the Software Take Care of Everything

This sports management organization is looking forward to another successful season of huge wins, knowing that all of their meetings and events will come off without a hitch.

It’s official – Rendezvous is a grand slam! Let us help you win the big game of scheduling too, with the Rendezvous scheduling software suite of room and resource scheduling solutions from NFS.