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The modern workspace is constantly evolving. As we gradually move to a post-pandemic world, workspaces are becoming more flexible. Organizations are rethinking their workspaces in order to meet the demands of this new hybrid working world.

Flexible Workspaces and Hot Desks

Fixed desk arrangements have become a thing of the past, and organizations are embracing a flexible model of working. A key component of doing this is with hot desks. Hot desks have traditionally been unassigned but with increased demand workers now need to reserve a desk for the full day or even part of the day.

Workspaces are expensive and flexible arrangements allow your business to reduce space wastage and save costs. You can make knowledgeable decisions using desk management data. The right hot desk booking solution can help you design the best flexible workspace for your business.

Trends in Desk Management

A desk booking solution is imperative for businesses to be future-ready. Some of the trends in desk management are:


Offices need to be ready to allow for a variation in capacity. Sometimes, one might be working at 40% capacity. Desk management tools can assist in getting your office and employees ready to embrace these changes.

Real-Time Data

Facilities managers receive real-time data on the status of the desks in the office. This includes whether or not a desk is booked, the details of the employees who have booked the desks, changes in the status of booking, and more. Desk booking solutions include sensor technology to assist organizations in understanding real-time space utilization.

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Collaborative Working

It is not enough to just have hot desking. Your flexible workspace needs to allow for collaboration between employees and also provide them with a safe and engaging place to work. This could be in the form of meeting rooms, health protocols, video conferencing technology, wayfinding capabilities, catering services for meetings, and more.

Keys to Effective Hot Desking

Desk booking can do wonders for your business. But you need to do it right. To start, you definitely need a good desk booking solution. How do you use the software to get maximum benefits?

It’s All About Balance

Not everyone in your office would need a hot desk. Study the data to determine the right proportion of static and dynamic seating. Space utilization reports and sensor technology can help you arrive at the right setup.

Keep it Simple

Flexible workstations can quickly cause disarray if they are not managed properly. It needs to be effortless for people to choose and locate their desks. People are always on the go, and the ability to make these decisions using a simple mobile app works wonders! Employees can check-in with just a QR code. This is simple to use and saves a lot of time.

Integrate Technology

The modern workplace is extremely reliant on technology. Employees need multiple tech tools to work productively. This includes basics like internet connectivity and computer monitors. It also includes additional tools like video conferencing, integration with Outlook, digital signage, wayfinding capabilities, and more. Make sure that your desk booking solution can help you integrate these features seamlessly.

Utilize Data

Space utilization data can help you make the right decisions for your business. This not only includes decisions about the best ways to use your hot desks but also decisions about keeping your employees satisfied. You can make positive changes to the workspace and increase productivity.

Empower your Employees

Your employees need to be happy. Get their feedback on the hot desks to help you make decisions. Set up policies and protocols that ensure a healthy and safe workspace. Are your employees able to collaborate well? Do they have the right space to conduct meetings? Are they able to efficiently switch between remote working and working in the office? You need to make sure that their needs are being met, and what better way to do it than an easy-to-use software?

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