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With hybrid working, every single minute your staff are in the office needs to be worthwhile. Digital signage software makes sure all the meetings they attend is efficient, convenient and include perfect conditions for collaboration.

Integrated with Rendezvous, meeting room digital panels:

  • enable staff to book a meeting space with a touch
  • guide guests to the right place and  
  • making changes such as extending the meeting easy, from inside the room.

As many companies across India are discovering, digital signage software for your meeting spaces is a valuable component of any hybrid working strategy, whether for large enterprises or whether you are looking for digital signage solutions for small businesses.

When it comes to visitor management, digital signage solutions enhance visitor management and provides them with wayfinding to help guide them to their meeting. A digital signage platform integrated with your workspace management system also provides:

  • touch-free check in and out of hot desks
  • a search facility to locate co-workers  
  • integration with occupancy sensors that capture utilization data – valuable when you are making space decisions.

So why not put the power of digital signage software into your hybrid working plans? Rendezvous workplace management software works hand-in-hand with leading digital signage solutions including Embrava, ONELAN, Crestron, Harman AMX, Evoko, QED and Apple so you are assured of reliability, easy use and the most up-to-date innovations.

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