ILTACON visitors get the chance to see Rendezvous meeting room booking software in action

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The NFS Technology team at ILTACON in Orlando, Fl, until August 22 is having a busy time demonstrating its leading Rendezvous meeting room booking software in space 210.

Law firms are finding efficiency and ease utilizing our leading Rendezvous
Workspace meeting room scheduling software. It improves workplace collaboration, uptake of video conferencing – and reduces no-shows at meetings dramatically.

Rendezvous meeting room booking software gives law firms one simple tool to handle every element of your meeting. From room booking to A/V, catering to invites and updates for digital signage, Rendezvous makes your meetings perfect.

Law firms internationally and domestically are utilizing Rendezvous to ensure efficient use of their increasingly flexible space. It’s not uncommon for a firm to have more than 30 meeting rooms on one campus or building.

Locating an available room, booking it, plus required resources and adding it to a calendar is now a necessity every day. Once the room is booked via an app, sensors will release it when the meeting ends. Sensor technology can track usage, occupancy and presence in real-time making it easy to analyze space requirements.

Rendezvous Workspace as cloud-based or on-premise software is the affordable answer to perfect your meetings. It’s is used by organizations across the world to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve worker wellbeing with better collaboration and stress-free booking solutions for remote employees.