New technology makes it simple to welcome visitors and contractors safely

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As workplaces around the world devise workarounds to maintain business as usual, technology experts NFS have introduced an innovative way to make sure they can welcome visitors safely.

The new Visitor Module developed for Rendezvous – NFS’ leading workspace management system – makes it simple for organizations to carry out essential visitor vetting.

Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology, said: “As workplaces focus on wellness and productivity, visitor and staff safety is now a high business priority when people are returning to the office.

“This demands new and enhanced vetting for visitors, staff and contractors, and our Rendezvous Visitor Module removes time-consuming admin while ensuring a good experience for people attending your facility.”

How it works

1. People attending the facility confirm their COVID status online prior to arrival – they are made aware of company COVID policies by video, documentation or a customisable questionnaire.

2. They are then provided with a unique code, valid for the day, which they can use when they arrive to check-in touchlessly via a tablet.

3. Check-in automatically creates a visitor badge and notifies the host by email or SMS that their guest has arrived.

Luis said: “If a visitor fails any aspect of this process, both they and their host are notified. The QR code is also used for check-out, and as it is linked to building access control systems, it’s an ideal way to maintain and monitor security.”

Learn more about welcoming visitors safely

Staff returning to the office can also use the same Rendezvous workspace management system to find and book the desk or space they need, via an app on their mobile.

Luis said: “With flexible working continuing strongly, it’s important that agile workers returning to the office feel confident that they have a pre-arranged safe place to work.

“Anxiety in the workforce is a major issue for workplace leaders and the new Heads of Remote, because of the detrimental effect it has on worker wellbeing.

“With vaccines thankfully looking promising, we can all see a way back to a more normal existence, although greater agile working is certainly set to stay.

“The enhanced Rendezvous Visitor Module, developed by our experts, provides the extended safety checks required now to give facilities peace of mind – and it will continue to add value for flexible workforces once the virus is beaten.”

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