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From initial enquiry to final billing and all operational points in between, we offer the solution for driving sales and operations for venues and conference centers.

Rendezvous Events is a world-leading software solution that helps your organization transform the way it manages rooms and resources for your events. It allows staff to access all the facilities they need, including AV, video conferencing and catering along with an online portal to manage new and existing business. Advanced reporting features allow you to make informed decisions about your time and your space.

With Rendezvous Events, you will …

Improve sales and customer retention

Streamline operations for more efficient booking

Create in-depth reports of best prospects and opportunities

Maximize new business potential 24/7 with the Online Portal

And so much more

All in one simple tool

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    Sophie Shepherd

    Sales Manager, British Airways i360

    The system has enabled us to multi-task. As a small team, this is brilliant as it allows us to jump from one project to another, whether it’s checking availability of a room, or checking a contract for a client or even issuing an invoice, the system has worked really well for us.

    I highly recommend NFS Rendezvous. It is the easiest to set-up and I know because I’ve used and researched other software programs that do not compare to Rendezvous.