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How much does Rendezvous cost?

Rendezvous cloud technology software is the affordable and effective way to transform your workplace operations and support your remote employees.

Available as cloud technology software, Rendezvous offers excellent ROI for several reasons. There’s no costly hardware to deploy, which keeps initial outlay down, and it is also intuitive to use so your employees can be up and running on it with minimum disruption.

Our cloud technology software for room and desk booking makes it exceptionally easy for employees to organize a video conference even across different time zones and multiple locations. This encourages uptake of the technology and cuts the cost and stress of travel.

Rendezvous cloud technology software is tailored to your needs – our consultants will give you a detailed breakdown of Rendezvous pricing and how the software can save your organization time, resources and money.

Rendezvous makes economic sense

No expensive hardware to buy

Thanks to secure cloud hosting

Employees can benefit rapidly from easy-to-use Rendezvous space booking

Simple booking increases use of VC and AV

With affordable deployment and operational efficiencies adding up


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