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Service Alerts

To ensure the safety of your staff you need to be thinking of cleaning rooms and desks regularly – before and after use.

With potentially hundreds of daily meetings and desk bookings this is a challenging situation for your facilities and cleaning teams to deal with and to keep track of.

Fully automated

Fully Automated

With the Rendezvous Notification Engine, you never need to worry as alerts are sent out automatically to your service providers, when a room or desk has been vacated or is about to be used. Sensor or contactless check in/out technology can be a key part of the solution with fully dynamic alerts.

Extended set-up and breakdown times

Extended Set-up and Breakdown Times

With extended set-up and breakdown times as standard all your service team need to worry about is creating a safe environment for staff and visitors alike.

Catering provision

Catering Provision

While safety comes first, Rendezvous also ensures that your meetings go off without a hitch – all catering and AV is taken care of at the time of booking and as part of our drive for staff to use a mobile app for booking, all this can be done quickly – minimizing contact time with service staff.

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