6 compelling reasons to make your life easier with video conference software

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Video conferencing – we’ve all been there, and it’s not always been a great experience, for various reasons. But thankfully, now that hybrid working is here, that’s all changed.

Video conferencing is an amazing collaboration tool, removing the need to travel and uniting colleagues around the world. But pre-pandemic, people often complained about obstacles to using it, including difficulty in co-ordinating a VC meeting.

Now, though, room booking technology has swept away all the obstacles to using video conference software successfully So here are 6 compelling reasons why you need video software and how integration with room booking technology enriches your meeting experience.

1. Just look at the productivity benefits…

A certain expectation has arisen that workers should be responding to emails and chats 24/7. That’s neither good for wellbeing nor efficiency – apart from the ‘always-on’ human issues, these asynchronous tools are not designed for quick responses.

They do have their place in remote working, but decisions can be reached faster on a video call, which eliminates the endless back and forth or time lags.

Tools like Teams incorporate elements of asynchronous communication such as chat and document sharing, so remote workers get the best of both worlds – the immediacy of video coupled with the ability to respond in their own time.

2. Visual clues wipes out misunderstandings

It is all too easy to read a tone or intent into an email that wasn’t actually there. Using video conference software for face-to-face discussion enables both parties to pick up all the important non-verbal cues which aid genuine understanding, eliminate misunderstandings and save time.

It also helps build trust, because as attendees can see who is engaged and build connections and trust. In the context of remote working and distributed teams this is vitally important.

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3. Video conferences focus the mind

As video conferences tend to be pre-planned they give hosts and attendees the opportunity to prepare.

Also, because everyone can see each other, they are more likely to pay attention to what is being said and less attention to their phones or emails.

With the ability to screen share, the meetings become more engaging and interactive while attendees can collaborate and discuss the content. Distributed teams across the country, or even across the globe, can come together with a common purpose.

4. Grow that team spirit

Video conference software does more than streamline communications. It helps to foster teamwork – something that’s taken a hit during the lonely experience of the pandemic.

Looking at business problems or creating solutions from a single perspective is narrow. By drawing on the team’s expertise companies get to the crux of the matter faster and often come up with a better solution thanks to their varying perspectives and expertise.

Video conferencing software simplifies the task of getting the team together and thanks to features such as screen sharing, recording meetings and document sharing it is easy to help everyone participate.

5. Ideal for creating a distributed workforce

Successful companies have been adopting distributed working for years. This trend is likely to continue.

Without technology like video conference software and VOIP it would be impossible for distributed teams to function.

From the employer’s perspective, employing a distributed workforce means reduced overheads and a broad pool of talent free of geographic limitations.

Distributed working is also great for employee retention as staff enjoy a better work life balance and are free to move to a different location without having to switch companies.

6. It saves money – and it’s greener, too

With the green agenda becoming more pressing and organizations seeking to rationalize travel costs, video conferencing is the obvious answer to polluting and expensive flights.

The cost savings are significant.

Financial fact:
When a leading global utility implemented our meeting room solution, fully integrated with their Cisco video conferencing platform, they saved $5000 per week on travel.

They also saved a further $100,000 on booking external meeting rooms.

Read the case study to find out how.

How an integrated meeting solution complements video conference software

In order to get the most productivity from video conference software you need to extend its capabilities and embed it in your hybrid working technology toolkit.

By integrating it with meeting room booking software you create a seamless meeting experience whether you are attending in person or if you are attending virtually.

Remember how tricky it used to be to set up a video conference? Forget that.

With meeting room booking software, your staff can set up a video conference with colleagues in different locations – even across time zones – with just a few clicks, using an app on their mobile device.

Integration with the new breed of Team and Zoom enabled rooms creates even further efficiency. Simply tap the Teams or Zoom icon in Outlook and the software takes care of the rest – sending out invites, booking the room and updating the room panels.

The integration also makes sure colleagues can easily book parking, AV and catering for attendees.

See how it’s done – watch the mobile booking app video.

Video conference software is key to hybrid working. Why?

  • It drives productivity
  • Creates deeper connections between team members
  • Stimulates innovation
  • Enables significant, sustainable cost savings.

Integration with meeting room booking software enables even more efficiencies, saving you time when booking rooms in multiple locations and ensuring all the resources you need are organized – all in one simple process.

That means just one thing: a well-organized, productive and pleasant meeting that makes an effective addition to your working day. That’s what we call a result.