The importance of a conference and meeting room booking app for your business

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The pain points on choosing an app

The world of meetings is moving at a rapid pace. Increasingly, employers are looking to create a better digital and in-room experience to meet the needs of their hybrid workforce.

With a hybrid workforce you need to provide a mobile app which will enable them to book rooms on the go while giving management all the features they need to maximize occupancy and space utilization.

When it comes to choosing the right meeting room booking app there are a number of pain points to be aware of as well as a number of fantastic benefits to be enjoyed.

Let’s explore them further.

The pain points on choosing an app

There are several pain points that you need to consider when selecting a meeting room booking app.

Common pain points include:

Hard to understand – if your meeting room booking tool is unwieldly and complex then it is not going to be well-received by your user community and will ultimately lead to low user adoption rates or, worse, users developing ad hoc systems.

To get the most out of your investment you need to choose a solution that is highly graphical and gets the job done of booking a room with a few screen taps. The Rendezvous Workspace meeting room booking app has been designed by user interface (UI) experts to offer a superlative mobile room booking experience.

The lack of integration with existing technology – one of the key principles of the digital workplace is integration. Having integrated solutions increases your return on investment and drives efficiency.

The Rendezvous meeting room reservation app is built around an open AI and integrates with key technology including:

  • Digital signage and room panels
  • Outlook 365/Exchange
  • Access control systems
  • Sensor technology
  • Asset management solutions
  • Visitor management solutions

And much more.

Limited functionality – it is not enough for a solution to just book meeting rooms and/or desks. The Rendezvous Workspace meeting booking app can do a lot more:

  • Manage catering and AV requests
  • Request help with maintenance
  • Analyze room usage
  • Manage visitors

Hard to implement and doesn’t scale – organizations are changing all the time. You need to choose a solution which is easy to implement and deploy without needing expensive IT equipment and support. The Rendezvous Workspace mobile meeting room booking app is easy to install from the Google Play or Apple App store and being based on cloud technology it is easy to add more users as your needs change.


Once deployed, the Rendezvous Workspace meeting room reservation application delivers a number of key benefits:

No more ghost meetings – meeting no shows are empty meeting rooms become a thing of the past. Thanks to built-in – and customizable – business rules, you can auto-release rooms if the attendees have “ghosted” you. For example, if they don’t turn up within 15 minutes of the meeting start time then then room becomes available to be booked by someone else. Thanks to Rendezvous Workspace you can increase space utilization.

Eliminates double bookings – in fact it is impossible to book an already booked meeting room. You will be presented on screen with an alternative free room to select and book. The embarrassment and confusion of double bookings is gone forever.

Streamlined calendars – thanks to the seamless integration between Outlook 365/Exchange, all conference and meeting room bookings are entered straight into the attendees’ Outlook calendars. No need to rekey booking data ever. Everyone is kept in the loop and any changes are communicated immediately via email. The solution will even email meeting agendas.

Flexibility – in addition to our easy to use and convenient mobile app you can also enjoy a great room booking experience using the desktop app and thanks to the seamless integration with Outlook and Teams you can book meeting rooms and video conferences directly from Outlook.

Multi-location meetings – the Rendezvous Workspace makes light work of organizing multi location and multi time zone video conferences with full integration with Cisco, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. Meeting start and end points are fully automated, so meetings begin on time – every time. Rendezvous Workspace works wonderfully with Microsoft Teams rooms.

Self-service – the control, allocation and management of meeting room bookings should not need to be the exclusive domain of the reception team. Thanks to the Rendezvous Workspace meeting room booking tool, staff can freely book rooms in a more self-reliant manner which frees up time for the reception team to spend time with visitors.

Streamlined service provision – meeting organizers can easily order catering, beverages and audio-visual provision when making a booking. Thanks to room panel integration, additional vended services can be ordered during the meeting itself. Outlook integration ensures that any meeting cancellations are communicated to service providers ensuring that no time or food is wasted

A great digital meeting experience – thanks to the integration between the meeting room booking tool and digital signage, you can create a wonderful meeting experience with all meeting details displayed clearly on the panel. Thanks to Rendezvous Workspace’s business rules, staff can extend the meeting times of their meetings or even book a vacant meeting room on the fly – all from the panel.


With an increasingly mobile and hybrid workforce providing a great digital employee experience is critical. By providing your employees with an easy-to-use mobile app you make it easy for them to book meeting rooms, increase user adoption and increase occupancy and maximize utilization of your expensive corporate real estate.

Integration with other key technologies such as digital signage and Outlook Exhange/365 creates a digitally transformative experience while maximizing the return on your investment. From signage to notifications to visitor management and video conferencing you can create an efficient and productive connected workplace with the mobile app at its core.

With a great mobile meeting app in their toolkit, your employees spend less time on finding and booking a meeting room and more time on productive work.