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Working culture is entirely modified in this new century, and going forward, there will only be constant evolution in the working system. Managing these changes can come with a lot of challenges which can be a stumbling block to the employees. Thus, an efficient workspace management software can be the perfect solution that can rescue you from poorly-managed workspace scenarios in this remote working era.

Challenges That Can Be a Hurdle to Manage Workspace

While office management has always had a certain degree of complications, the pandemic has only added to the issues. Some employees work remotely, and some employees work from the office, and it is crucial to cater to all their needs. Before delving into how workplace software help streamline business operations, one needs to understand the challenges involved.

Overcrowded Offices

The modern working environment has given the employees the liberty to work from home or the office. However, in certain instances, the office spaces are crowded with employees, and it is difficult to manage them without proper workspace management software.

When there is no systematic booking process, it is quite likely that meeting rooms or desks may get double-booked. In such cases, you will end up having to deal with disgruntled employees who are just looking for a place to work. You might even discover that the office does not have evenly spaced out desks, making it difficult for the staff to work productively.

Underutilization of the Workspace

Remote working has led to hot desking, which allows the employees to choose their desks on a flexible basis. However, without efficient tools and software, it is difficult to track how much or how little the desks are used. In fact, if certain employees come in only for short periods of time, there is a good chance that plenty of desks are being unused. If no-shows are not monitored, one will not be able to determine exactly how much real estate is needed, potentially leading to excess expenditure.

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Lack of Suitable Space for Meetings and Conferences

A flexible working environment will include video conferencing and hybrid meetings in addition to regular meetings. Is your office equipped to manage them all? With workplace software analytics, you can determine how many meeting rooms are needed, what size they should be, and how often they will be used. You can also estimate the AV equipment and other infrastructure that will be required.

Unproductive Communication Between the Employees

There should be a constant hustle and bustle in the working environment to keep the momentum going and ensure productivity. However, the change in the working atmosphere has reduced the communication between the employees as they work from various locations with different time zones. Connecting with everyone can become tedious, which can result in low productivity.

Workspace Management Software to Overcome these Challenges

When you deploy efficient workplace software in your organization, it can help in tackling these issues seamlessly. Workspace management software gives a comprehensive view of the floor plan through occupancy sensors to avoid overcrowding. Moreover, the software gives you real-time and historical data about workspace occupancy to ensure efficient space utilization. It acts as a bridge that connects all the employees across various time zones. You can even check the availability of meeting rooms from your mobile phones and accordingly book rooms without facing any disruptions.

Rendezvous is the Right Choice for Managing Your Workspace

Rendezvous is one of the best options for handling workspace management in a seamless manner. The software solutions are customised to meet your specific business requirements. Rendezvous delivers cutting-edge workspace management software that allows you to track and use the workplace effectively. With solutions for desk booking and meeting room management, you can transform your office into a well-oiled machine!