Your guide to managing visitors in the new hybrid workplace

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Hybrid workplace software

Most workers are keen to return to work. In fact, a recent international study by Steelcase found that only 3% of respondents wished to work remotely only.

This does not mean that old patterns of working are set to return any time soon as the survey also found that 77% wanted to adopt hybrid working.

While occupancy levels may be lower there is still going to be a greater buzz in offices as staff and visitors return to work for meetings.

Let us explore the challenges that organizations face in managing this new influx of workers and visitors in a post-Covid world and how technology can overcome them.

Re imagining the workplace

In order to entice workers back to the office and to make it a safe space for visitors, organizations need to provide the following:

Faster people flow – areas such as receptions need to accommodate a rapid flow of people for social distancing purposes. Reception and security staff need to deal with visitors and staff in a professional yet brisk manner to avoid congestion.

Building access – Measures need to be put in place to ensure that the minimum of touch is required to access a building. The process to access the building needs to be fast and intuitive for staff and visitors alike.

A great digital experience – Activities such as booking meeting rooms, videoconferences, desks and audio-visual need to be done in as frictionless way as possible. Ideally using a mobile device for added convenience.

Proactive health and safety – with potentially hundreds of staff and visitors in the building it is imperative that everyone is pre-screened and that track and trace can be easily implemented.


Technology for better visitor management

The solutions for visitor management need to meet the needs of management and staff alike. They need to be flexible, easy to use and to provide actionable data.

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Here is how technology can provide a great visitor experience:

Safety in mind – visitor management software now includes the capability to send health screening questionnaires to visitors and staff. Failure to meet the requirements means no entry and any attendant meeting will be automatically cancelled.

Creates an air of professionalism –visitor management software helps front of house staff know exactly who is expected, at what time, who they are meeting and where they are going. Faster people flow reduces congestion and creates a great first impression for visiting VIPs.

Easy access – visitors and staff receive their QR codes for building entry via email. They just need to scan it from their mobile device to get access.

Security – by enforcing this QR code-based check in to your building you can easily enhance security particularly when aligned to other software such as facial recognition systems.

Simplifies track and trace – visitor management software enables you to capture vital data on who was in the building and when. Integration with meeting room and desk booking software simplifies the process of identifying who they were in contact with.

Totally touchless – containing the QR codes on mobile devices ensures that any element of touch is eliminated. Further integration with access control systems minimizes any need to touch doors or door handles.

Data protection – look for a solution that guides visitors and staff through the process of collecting data, has data opt-in capabilities and enables them to be forgotten if they wish.

Continuous improvement – data is the new oil for many businesses. Look for a solution that you can triangulate with solutions such as desk booking software, occupancy sensors and meeting room booking software to get a complete picture of occupancy patterns.

Productivity – by automating the check-in process you give your front desk staff more time to dedicate to VIP guests while not having to worry about tedious admin.

Integration – integrating the visitor management solution with technology such as meeting room booking software gives your staff one easy process for managing visitors and meetings.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is:


It is implicit that in a hybrid workplace that there is a need to manage the flow of visitors and staff.

The new hybrid working model requires an enhanced digital platform which enables fast online registration and manages new aspects of the process such as sending health screening questionnaires and processing track and trace data.

Software is vital to consider when formulating your overall return to work strategy. You need to find a solution which offers integration between planned meetings as well making the whole process from booking to questionnaire to attendance slicker and dynamic.

Adoption of this technology will create an efficient and safe experience for visitors and staff alike.