The Increasing Role of Workspace Management Software in 2021

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The advent of the COVID 19 pandemic has significantly changed how workers interact with their workspace for all businesses. These interactions have become more dynamic, with some employees working from home and others at the office or both.

It is essential that organizations adapt to these new hybrid model. Workspace management software will help you coordinate your business efficiently for this seamless adaptation. Transform your workplace and empower your employees effortlessly with the right workspace management software.

New Challenges in the Workplace in 2021

Employees could often face pressing communication challenges that hamper work. For example, there could be technical glitches while attending video calls and presenting information to prospects or clients. With other increasing challenges in the workplace and the new normal in play, is your business ready to cope with these inconveniences?

Visitors could often find it challenging to locate the meeting room and have to be notified of the appointment beforehand. In virtual conferences, sharing data and presenting it without interruption is essential. Also, showcasing reports, statistics, and facts have to be done meticulously. Organizing data in the workplace, notifying employees of any changes, and optimum utilization of the space is critical. There are also major challenges in managing rooms for meetings due to lack of availability and last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Catering and refreshments need to be arranged simultaneously.

With rising real estate prices, improving office productivity while being cost-effective is essential for organizations. Also, with increasing mobile usage, one tends to be comfortable with working on the go. To cope with the changing trends, workspace management has to be mobile-ready to ensure better engagement and a streamlined experience. An integrated tool that enables you to take care of all the vital elements with respect to the meeting is what you need.

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How Workspace Management Software Solves these Challenges

It is important to maintain (and improve) productivity while also keeping your employees satisfied. This can be done with the help of workspace management software. You can manage meetings, organize the workspace with hot desks, integrate your existing IT hardware and more with NFS Technology’s Rendezvous workspace management software.

Simplified Meeting Booking with Rendezvous

Rendezvous is a workspace management software that connects your workplace with your employees. Book your meeting room through the Rendezvous mobile application and ensure confirmation with regular status updates. Also, you can guide visitors to the right place with digital signage solutions for effective wayfinding. Use sensor technology to study the usage of desks and meeting rooms.

Seamless Integration

Rendezvous helps in reporting, presenting data to prospects through relevant methods, and enabling integration with Outlook and MS Office 365. This workspace booking software helps businesses organize relevant documents and also integrates with leading AV equipment and hardware. It helps save a lot of time in coordinating and organizing meetings.

Effective Space Utilization

With Rendezvous, you need not worry about the real estate costs or running short of space to conduct meetings. It scans all available spaces at the requested time and ensures easy booking. Choose any particular room with the drag and drop functionality to extend bookings or pick an alternate room. You may also book flexible desks when you need them.

Connect Employees through Video Conferencing

Your employees need to collaborate with each other to ensure coordination and productivity. With times changing, your business needs to be ready with video conferencing capabilities. Via Rendezvous, you can manage this effortlessly. Bookings can happen across multiple locations with the app. You can also locate the required equipment and check on its availability.

2021 has seen a lot of changes in consumer behaviour and workplace practices. Understanding the current fears and responding to them with comprehensive and secure arrangements is critical for a productive business day. Rendezvous is the right workspace management software for optimal space utilization, easy desk & meeting booking, a streamlined visitor experience, and empowered employees.