Reverse hoteling – even better space utilization
from Rendezvous!

Rendezvous is designed to maximize space utilization and provide complete flexibility, and it’s a proven solution for managing your estate of hot desks.Now, some clients are looking to take desk management even further, and we have introduced a new feature for reverse hoteling – it’s already proving a great success with our legal clients such as Bryan Cave.

What is reverse hoteling?

It means you can now re-allocate normal desks to your hot desking pool on an ad hoc basis.

For example, John goes on vacation for two weeks. Rather than letting that valuable real estate go to waste, you can make John’s desk available to book until he returns when it will be reallocated back to him. In the meantime, colleagues can book the desk like any other hot desk, using the mobile app.

Easy and flexible to use (yet highly configurable)

Our reverse hoteling feature is available in both our intuitive desktop web application and our QuickBook mobile app.

The solution is very flexible to configure with options to create booking groups so, for example, secretaries can reallocate multiple desks. In a law firm, this would typically mean they could take responsibility for reallocating a bank of fee earners’ desks when not in use.

Using the web app it’s a simple process to make a desk available with an easy drop down to replicate the process across multiple desks. Easy as 1,2,3.

Simply select the start date and the end date and then insert and the desk is free to be booked:


In our QuickBook app, you can free the desks and setting availability in a few swipes on the touchscreen:


Once the desk is available it becomes instantly free for anyone to book either from the web app or QuickBook.

Similarly, if you no longer want to grant access to your desk – maybe your vacation has been cancelled – it’s easy to delete its availability from QuickBook:


As the solution is fully integrated with Outlook, once the desk is removed from the hot desk pool anyone who had booked it is informed as well as any bookings removed from the system – a great time saver!

Sounds interesting?

Get in touch today to find out how we help you get the maximum return on your real estate – we have a full range of solutions for hoteling, space utilization and measurement.