What to Consider When Choosing a Meeting Room Software for Hybrid Workplaces?

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When the pandemic struck the world in 2019, companies grappled with work from home setups which required proper tools and technologies to ensure business continuity. Fast forward to 2022 and, hybrid workplaces are becoming more popular around the world. In such cases, meeting rooms are essential to ensure the optimization of space, time, cost, and productivity. A meeting room booking system is a smart way to manage the space and resources efficiently.

Meeting room software allows employees to reserve conference rooms and other commonly used spaces in advance based on various factors, thereby avoiding overlapped bookings and ensuring smooth meeting room management. However, there are several parameters to consider when selecting the right meeting room system for an organization.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Meeting Room Booking System for Hybrid Work Environments

1. Workforce Size and Number of Offices

The number of employees and offices can impact the meeting room software you choose for your organization. If your company has a considerably high number of employees located at multiple offices, you will need a system that can support many members. With different teams, departments and offices, the meeting room booking software must support multiple licenses and provide access to key employees for booking meeting rooms, tracking the availability of the rooms, managing dates and duration of the meetings, etc.

2. Accommodations for Resident vs. Flex Employees

Hybrid work environments have employees working from home as well as from the office. While some employees regularly work from the office, others prefer to have flexible working models and hours. It is important to be mindful of the fact that the meeting room software must take into account the accessibility for resident and remote employees. It should have features that support the booking of rooms based on employee schedules, employee attendance, and virtual meeting requirements, among other criteria.

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3. Visitor Management

Have you ever faced hassles while managing visitors attending a particular meeting? A seamless meeting room booking system can put an end to the hassles of visitor and vendor management by simplifying the process of guiding visitors to attend meetings in an efficient manner. With digital signage and wayfinding integration, a meeting room booking solution enables a conducive environment and an enriching experience for your guests to attend meetings with ease. It is smart to look for a system that provides such advanced features to manage visitors effectively.

4. Advance Booking Solutions

If your organization has many employees and offices, it is essential that you consider the advance-booking feature in the booking system to ensure the smooth running of meetings and their bookings. Imagine a scenario where two critical teams have booked the same meeting room for their respective meetings at the same time. It would not only create chaos but also result in a significant loss of valuable time and effort of resources. To avoid such situations, it is best to go in for a robust meeting room booking system that facilitates booking the rooms in advance for a hassle-free experience.

5. The Convenience of the Software

A system that is too complicated to understand and use is not effective and tends to drive its users away from exploring the features. Thus, it is imperative to deploy a meeting room booking system that is easy to set up, convenient to use and efficient to maintain. Make sure the software is mobile-responsive for a seamless experience on mobile devices. Additionally, check if the features of the system comply with your organization’s objectives and criteria. Discover if your employees would have to watch lengthy videos to understand how to use the software or get it right in the first go itself. A trial or free version of the system can help you learn the pros and cons of the software and whether it would suit your needs.

Why Rendezvous?

A robust meeting room booking system is an integral part of the hybrid workspace model and investing in a good booking system is the smart way forward. Rendezvous’ years of experience, exceptional product development, and strong case studies of renowned companies make it compelling for ambitious organizations to explore the meeting room booking software provided by the company. Rendezvous enables you to manage meetings and people effectively while dodging challenges like no-shows and double bookings with the intelligent workplace management software.