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Meeting Management with Outlook

A workplace meeting is a standard practice across all organizations. The past few years have seen a steep rise in the number of meetings that employees have to attend. Most calendars are booked with virtual meetings, web conferences, or webinars, as well as partly in person and partly virtual meetings.

Unfortunately, many of these meetings end up being unproductive and ineffective. As a result, employees feel burned out and lack the creativity and collaboration needed at work. A survey showed that 54% of respondents felt that their meetings were too frequent, not timed appropriately, and run poorly. Organizations must use a structured approach to managing their meetings and save on precious time and costs.

The Traditional Outlook Calendar is Not 100% Efficient

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most widely used collaboration and calendar software across the world. It helps organize day-to-day tasks, connects you with your team members, helps create meetings, appointments, conferences, and events, invite attendees, and more. It is extremely useful for meeting management. However, the traditional Outlook calendar on its own has some drawbacks.

  • It does not provide comprehensive information about the actual meeting room with respect to the amenities (like VC, AV equipment, etc.) available.
  • You cannot check the real time status of room occupancy.
  • Data analytics reports are not available for meeting room occupancy patterns and space utilization.
  • There is no seamless way to avoid no shows or double bookings.

To resolve these issues, organizations have begun using a room booking system. Outlook integration is a predominant feature of such a system, which helps meetings run perfectly.

Room Booking System: Outlook Integration – How Does It Help?

Instead of using multiple email threads, handling calendars of different team members, and checking to see which space is available, you can consolidate all these operations with a meeting room booking system. Outlook integration with such a software allows you to seamlessly book the rooms that you need, keep track of different calendars, share meeting agendas with the attendees (whether they are employees or visitors), and even manage booking catering or video conferencing.

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Since the integration is seamless, you have the advantage of using Outlook as usual with the added benefits of a meeting room booking system. You can access it on your computer or your mobile device no matter where you are located. This is especially beneficial when companies have to conduct meetings across locations or time zones. You can also notify your attendees of any changes automatically.

Other Advantages of Meeting Room Software

Room booking system – Outlook integration is not the only advantage of workplace management software. Sensor technology is used to provide a complete 360° view of your workplace in real time. You can use data reports to understand how your floor space is being used and whether you need a larger or smaller office. Workplace software can also help you make informed decisions while implementing a hybrid working mode

A meeting room booking system can benefit your employees tremendously. It encourages effective collaboration and communication, increases productivity, and helps you conduct perfect meetings. These deceptively simple time-saving measures can help employees work happily without added stress. They feel connected with their colleagues regardless of location or time zone. Assistants can make and track the bookings easily, saving them plenty of time for more critical work. The automation of mundane tasks also eliminates the chances of errors

Why Choose Rendezvous?

Creating an efficient workplace that motivates employees requires a digital tool like a room booking system. Outlook integration, digital signage, open API, real-time information, and drag-and-drop features are just some of the advantages of Rendezvous. Get in touch to book a demo!